Twitter Lists Demoted, Twitter Favorites Promoted, NEW TWITTER Changes the Game

I’ve ranted about Twitter lists a number of times. In the early days it was a cool way to group and promote your friends. Then Formulists came along and created the AUTO-CRAP-TWITTER-LIST that adds everybody to everybody else’s list. Auto-lists suck. Okay, point: Formulist’s auto-list feature has trashed the Twitter List function. Now look at the way the New Twitter shows Lists, if you can find them.

NAV: Profile: Lists: Member of

LISTS may be dead with the new Twitter design

Profile: Lists: Member of

But a funny thing has been removed. Twitter no longer reports how many Twitter Lists have me as a member. It used to be a signal of authority, now it’s just Formulists junk. So, I think that’s good, actually, making the gaming of Lists less important.

But the Subscribed To Lists reporting seems to have been broken for months. Here’s the screen you get.

Twitter's "lists" functions suck in the New Twitter

I have not gotten this “subscribed to” list to ever load since the redesign. Ho hum.


It used to be, in the early days, that favorites or FAVS were a way of discovering new people to follow, people who were funny, people who had great things to say. And you could discover some of these people the FAV sites that did nothing but re-promote “faved” tweets. I don’t know if they still exist. Because the FAV function began to get spammy and gamed by the aggressive-growth-focused tweeters.

NOW, NEW TWITTER’S  @CONNECT PAGE brings the FAVORITE back into the accessible functions of Twitter.

Favorites on the @connect page on Twitter

Now you can see who followed you, who added you to a list (still not that interesting to me) and who retweeted or favorited your tweets.

So we lost a useful function a while ago (LISTS) and got an old function back (FAVORITES). I’d rather have Formulists kicked off Twitter Lists for good, but until that happens, FAVORITES is the NEW RETWEET. Or at least an additional ReTweet type of recognition of good tweets.

And ultimately that’s what we are looking for, good tweets. People who take care to communicate and respond using Twitter.

Respect the Tweet, Ban the Bots, Cage the Trolls, and Kill the Auto-DM.

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