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Passion and emotion can fuel action, but numbers drive revenue.

Each month I try and give some insight into what’s working and what’s not working in the sub-10,000 per/month blog. I’m sure I work as hard as the big boys, but of course I have to work harder to get traffic and optimize what I do have. Here is a quick look at my numbers from

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*this presentation can be seen and downloaded at Little Blog Metrics – Feb 2012

Here are the quick things I notice for the last 30 days of my numbers.

80% of my traffic are first-time visitors. I need to make sure I’m doing enough to keep them or get them to come back.

Top referrers from my social networking:

  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • The Mashable traffic came from my comment on a Pinterest “Design is Dead” post that seemed like a recap of something I had written a week earlier.
  • LinkedIn – this number seems low, but perhaps most of the conversations are happening within the LinkedIN groups and don’t necessarily come to my site.
  • The SOPAstrike traffic came from my participation in the SOPA Blackout – referrals came from the site.

Question: with all the hype about Pinterest, I’m wondering if Pinterest only drives traffic to Pinterest. Why isn’t it showing up in my analytics?

Long Tail Content Insights

Blogs are fine, but they do not lend themselves to deep content navigation. So we have to use other strategies to get people to our high-value but older content. You can see my 2009 content has a lot more hits than my 2010 content.  And my use of tabbed navigation at the top of the page is bringing some consistent exposure to some of my content selections. How can I do better at exposing the older content?

The Last 24 Hours

Wassup Stats on from Feb 12-13

KEY: Blue line is visitor traffic, orange dotted line is page views

What’s cool about little charts like this (this one is from the Wassup WordPress plugin) is that we can see immediate results and trends. What ever I was doing at 9 – 10 am yesterday was resulting in some pretty high page views.

1. Dial in the tweets and G+ posts to target deep content as well as new content.
2. Commenting on high-traffic sites can generate more traffic in an hour than the entire month of LinkedIN posts.
3. Continue finding logical groupings of high-value content for easier navigation.

On Little Blog Metrics – Feb 2012

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