Review: MacBookPro – 15′ with Retina – OMG!

Review: MacBookPro – 15′ with Retina – OMG!

amazing review macbookpro retina display

I’m not going to go on and on about my new MacBookPro. This will be my only, holy shit this computer is amazing, post.

Holy shit, this computer is amazing.

It’s okay if you’re an Apple hater, an Android lover, a Windows 8 hold out, this MBP with Retina display is unlike any computer I’ve ever owned. The only moving parts are the fans (which J Ivy designed to be noiseless) to keep the i7 processor from melting down. 16 gigs of ram (means I don’t have to close apps unless I want to), a 500 gig SSD drive (means I have to find other storage for my *movies.* and music.

But here’s the kicker. It’s fast. And silent. And light. And I mean REAL FAST, like movie renders that used to take 15 minutes are done in 1, while I wait.

So when someone says, “Yeah, Apple, just over priced…” I just smile. You just don’t know what a Tesla feels like until you drive one. Sure, I could’ve bought 3 or 4 Dells for the price, but in three years when this machine is still rockin along, every one of those Dells would be on Craigslist and gone, if not recycled for plastic and parts.

Okay, I’m done…

Oh wait, there’s one more thing. Here’s an example of the Retina display in action. Normally I work in the “BEST” mode. Here’s a screenie of this document as I’m writing it, with the browser window taking up the entire screen.

reviewing the APPLE MacBookPro with Retina

And here’s the full Retina display resolution 1920 x 1200. I have left the browser exactly the same size and location to show the extra pixels to the right and bottom of the screen.

macbookpro retina full-screen resolution

Room for John Oliver doing the Daily Show, my iTunes controller, a few other bits of scripts and text. I know what you’re asking yourself, “Sure but can you read the text when it’s that small?” You know what? The screen is so sharp, you see things you missed before. And yes, when it’s fully zoomed out, you can still read. It’s not my preferred method of working, but when I’m trying to review a huge spreadsheet, with columns into BB and beyond, the extra real estate keeps me from having to cry or crawl home to my external display.

So, $2,600 is a lot for a laptop these days. I bought this one-off Craigslist from a local guy for $2,000. It had two charges on the battery. And something about the lack of moving parts and the efficiency of the design seems to make this machine run a lot cooler and a lot longer than my previous i5 MBP.

Not everyone needs a high-end sports car, and certainly not every business task requires such grace and power. But when you’ve experienced such an amazing machine, you actually pity the folks lugging about their hot and heavy pcs.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated in anyway for this review, nor do I work for Apple.

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