Mapping Your Own Social Media Genome: Managing the Parts as a Whole

From wikipedia, “the genome of an organism is a complete genetic sequence on one set of chromosomes.”

Screen shot 2009-08-23 at 11.26.04 AM

Taking the parts of social in order:

Twitter: Tweetdeck,, (check out the spam killing features of twitblock)
Facebook: Tweetdeck,
Email: Mail (mac)
RSS: iGoogle page (when I find a blog or site I like I subscribe to the RSS feed even before I read the article I was interested in. Then I check my iGoogle pages a few times a day when I’m looking for ideas to see what other people are writing about. I rarely revisit sites to see what’s up, I check my RSS feeds and return only when an article connects to a topic I am interested in. So you might check the titles of articles in an RSS feed and see if they are enticing and clear. If the title isn’t selling your ideas, I’m not (most people are not) liable to return and read your post.)
WordPress/Writing: is where I do 80% of my writing these days, I rarely even open MS Word. And within WordPress I also do my writing for a number of other blogs.

How do you map and manage your social genome?

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