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Let’s dig into my annual stats report and see if we can come up with some winning strategies.

Do you know what drives traffic to your site?

For me, 53% of my visitors arrive from organic search. This is the long tail content I have, having blogged about digital marketing for 6+ years. There are over 800 posts on And some of them have pretty good SEO and authority scores.

22% Direct (someone using a bookmark or typing in the URL)
12% Social (twitter, facebook, linkedin)
12% Referral (from some of my syndication partners)

Know your top 5 pages?

How can you capitalize on your top 5 pages? Can you refresh the content? Can you write a series of content pieces about a hot topic (like the Apple Watch, for me)? By looking at my top pages this year and my top pages of all time, I can learn a lot about my audience. Knowing what my audience is looking for and writing to fulfill that need is part of content marketing.

Reaching Your Top Influencers

One post went viral by being shared by a top blogger. How can I get more of my content to that blogger? Can I pick topics that people are passionate about? (Apple Watch, career planning, creative process)

The First-time Visitor Mindset

If someone is coming to your site for the first time, by clicking somewhere and reading ONE post, how can you attract them to click again, to select more, to interact with your site? Always offer additional content. Always show contact information if that is what you are going for. Try and entice them with more content. Can you get them to follow you on Twitter by using your Twitter ID as your signature?

Content is King

Write. Publish. Promote.

Even when I took a two month hiatus, my traffic remained strong because of the long tail of content on my site. Don’t get too worried about “when to publish” or “can you promote a post too much” but rather just keep the top-quality content coming. Socialize often. And keep going. It’s the long tail content, the depth of your site that will keep visitors interested.

More about Stats

You have to know what your audience is doing on your site to understand how to serve their needs better. If you find a niche of content that works for you, mine it. Write everything you can think of around that topic. Become a topic leader. Own the hashtag around that content. But more than anything, produce great content. Great content will find a reader. And the readers will continue to find your great content, even when you take a break.

John McElhenney
@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

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