Mashable Drops BUZZ from Their Masthead: “Yeah, Now I F-in Like It!”

[4-28-10: It’s been 74 days since I looked in my Google BUZZ folder. Forgive me social media, I have a doubt… ]

Once the posterchild of hype for social-hype’s sake, Mashable has dropped Google BUZZ from their masthead as well as ditched the BUZZ this button from the individual posts.

Google BUZZ falls off Mashable's radar scope

Back in the day, oh several months ago, when Google BUZZ sauntered on to the scene, social media news outlet, Mashable put in some encouraging words. In fact, the buzz, about Google and Mashable is that there was something going on between the two. The posts were fast and furious and mostly positive for Google Buzz. Mashable had a new tab, BUZZ, and a “fav” button for BUZZing your favorite post.

No more.

As seen above, the BUZZ has been dropped from the Mashable masthead. And where once there was a BUZZ badge, even that has all but vanished from Mashable’s through line.

F-Like is the new “powerfull force” in social media. And Mashable is quick to jump into bed with Fast Company’s most innovative company.

And the F-Like is showing up alongside the Tweet button in other places as well. Here is a screenshot from Posterous.

Facebook's LIKE button

I’m already anticipating the campaign, or humor thread. “Like it? I F-in Like it!”

Well, all hail the mighty FB. And sorry Google, but it looks like the BUZZ kill was for real.

Note to Google: If you put some muscle behind WAVE we might start a trend or something. Otherwise, the WAVE is going to be more like a un-ridable swell.


Best of the BUZZ-Kill:

Note on Palm and HP Headlines: I’m pretty sure neither of them are going to make a big splash back into the mobile market, but we’ll see.

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