MicroReview: WordPress 2.9 Is Available: Now Includes Recycling Bin!

Yep folks, it’s time to update your WordPress to v 2.9.

WordPress 2.9 Available, upgrade wordpress, WordPress 2.9

New features, including:

Trash bin (so you can retrieve a deleted page if you need to)
Built-in image editor

screengrab - wordpress 2.9 image editor

The buttons across the top are a. cropping; b. rotate image counterclockwise; c. rotate image clockwise; d. flip image vertically, e. flip image horizontally; f. undo; g. redo. And then some nice controls for aspect ratio, sizing and thumbnail generation. NICE JOB on this one folks!

Batch plug-in update (I haven’t seen how this works yet, I’ve been to my plug-ins page and did not see a way to bulk update them)
Easier video integration (not sure what this means)
rel=”canonical” tag support (this is good, like hierarchy for your tagging)
database optimization (optimization is always good)

So of all these things the trash bin is a welcome feature. ANY additional image editing capabilities within WP would be awesome. And the bulk update of plug-ins has really been a long time coming. Every time I am on the plug-ins page and clicking 3 – 4 “update automatically” links, I wonder why I can’t do them all at once. I’ll have to hunt around and find where this function lives.

I’ve been using 2.9 since it was released and have not experienced any problems. And knowing that my database is “optimized” sure gives me comfort. Maybe it’s a leeeetle bit faster, I can’t tell, but maybe.

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