Microsoft Failing: Outlook Junk Filter Won’t Stop Filtering

Microsoft Failing: Outlook Junk Filter Won’t Stop Filtering

When my JUNK filtering in Outlook is set to None. How is it possible that messages, and important messages, are still going into a Junk folder?

Microsoft Failing: Outlook Junk Mail Filtering
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I have some ideas about how this is happening, but I’m struggling to figure out how to FIX it.

I am marking every message that erroneously arrives in my JUNK box as NOT JUNK. Yet, the very next message from this particualar “client” still pops in JUNK. Yes, I’ve added them to my contacts. Still no luck.

Seems like NO should MEAN NO. Why do Microsoft products so routinely exhibit bad behavior? Maybe it’s the HUGE development and design teams that are responsible for the next best thing. Perhaps it’s legacy code that is rotten and hard to patch. Perhaps Microsoft really doesn’t care about your User Experience, because they don’t have to. Ever had a client say, “Yeah, send it to me in a Google Doc would you?”

I’m glad Microsoft has set the bar for usability so low. It allows agile upstarts to run circles around them. There is still no silver bullet for the 300 pound gorilla, but the footsteps are being heard throughout the jungle. I’m pretty sure Microsoft is NOT listening. But someone is working on the replacement for the OFFICE mess. And I don’t think it will be long.

You can download this presentation from Microsoft Failing: Outlook Junk Mail Filter #Fail

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