Metrics & Learnings: Little-Blog Analytics – 2012 Mid-year Reporting

Not much has changed in the fundamentals of little-blog traffic for me. Let’s look at a couple of my number for 2012 y-t-d.

  • 28k visits since Jan 1, 2012.
  • 80% New Visitors (first-timers)
  • 20% Returning (readers)

Here’s the overview of my traffic sources.

The fundamentals are the same.

  • 34% Direct traffic
  • 24% Organic Google (SEO)
  • 5% RSS Feed
  • 38% Social and Misc.

The Top Social Tools:

  • Twitter 8%
  • LinkedIn 4%
  • Google+ 4%
  • Facebook 4% (adding 1% from mobile)
  • StumbleUpon 3%
  • Reddit 2%

Deeper in the social numbers:

  • Mashable: 177 referrals (I had a high-rated comment on a Pinterest post)
  • Pinterest: 132 referrals
  • 82 referrals (being included in someone’s publication)
  • 44 referrals (participating in the SOPA protest)
  • YouTube: 18 referrals
  • Digg: 16 referrals
  • Slideshare: 11 referrals
A few social ah-ha moments.
  • Even while Digg continues to attempt revival, the numbers are not getting any better. (I add every post to Digg.)
  • I’m not a fan of, it is good to be curated from time to time.
  • Commenting on a high-profile site like Mashable can drive a bit of traffic.
  • Slideshare has a significant volume of traffic to my slides, but the traffic doesn’t often make it back to this site. (Hmmm.)

Overall learning:

Keep working it like your working it. Keep growing your Google+ base as that does show promise. And StumbleUpon and Reddit continue to be hot social sharing sites.

I’ll update you at the end of the year, or sooner if anything cool happens.

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

Some more for your LEARN box of social media:

Most people don’t really enjoy being mean; they do it because they can’t help it. (from Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement)

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