Milestones for Launching a New WordPress Site In 30 Minutes

[This entry is a cross posting from my wordpress seo experiment]

In preparing to show a dear friend the wonders of WordPress and it’s community of developers, I jotted down this list of milestones as a guide.

  1. The idea. (tbd)
  2. Domain and hosting setup. (7 minutes – according to godaddy)
  3. Install and add plugins and themes to taste. (5 minutes)
  4. SEO and SEM everything (10 minutes)
  5. Measure and probe with Analytics and WebmasterTools (6 minutes – setup accounts)
  6. Write (2 minutes – cleanup, edit your hello world post to actually say hello)
  7. Comment (tbd)
  8. Respond (tbd)
  9. Promote (tbd)
  10. More funtionality and plugins (tbd)
  11. Join Forces! (tbd)

See the complete post here.

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