More Buzzie Live – from the El Ray in Los Angeles

(cross posted from the buzzie rockband blog)

With the encouragement of two dear friends, I have begun processing some of the video from the El Ray show, oh, a few years back. This is the first instalment. The sound is about a 6 out of 10. It was shot on the tiniest video cam I ever saw. Just a fan. He contacted me after the show and offered to send it to me from JAPAN. He did.

This is a gift back to David Bash who has been so awesome to invite Buzzie back to IPO again and again.

And also to my friends @ladypn and @adamofdallas.


And another buzzie love post to Robbie Rist, my conductor for the last three IPOs: Buzzie LOVES Robbie Rist: Mockers, Buzzie, Andersons, and Little JOH

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