What’s More Fun Than Googling It? Asking Questions on Social Media

What’s More Fun Than Googling It? Asking Questions on Social Media

I admit that I am powerless over social media. I’m a socialholic. And I am not alone.

What's the value of asking a question online?

So what is it about asking a question in the social media space (Twitter or Facebook, mostly) that is so engaging? I mean, it’s often easier to Google it, right? But again and again, I find myself and I respond to others who are using social to ask questions. And not just which TV to buy. Hard questions. Intimate questions. Questions about health and fitness. What is it about posting your question online that give us a connected feeling.

Check out: Let Me Google That For You – a site that will create a video of you Googling a term for someone.

EXAMPLE: Last weekend my ear began to ache. I had been swimming a lot and I knew I missed a couple after-swim alcohol applications. DANG! So rather than Googling “ear ache” or “swimmer’s ear” I went to Twitter and asked, “My ear is just beginning to hurt. What are preventative measures I can take to prevent an infection? Hoping to avoid anti-bios.”

What in the world possessed me? Did I think I was going to get some new KLOUT points for responses on Twitter? Was WEBMD.com down?

Nope, the reason I asked the interwebs was connection. I wanted someone, an individual, not a company, to give me their opinion on the subject. I only got one response. This was at about 10:30 on a Tuesday night. “Problem is, if your ear is hurting you probably already have an infection. AB’s might be the best choice. Call your primary care doc in the morning.”

BINGO! It was common sense. It was not a medical opinion, but it WAS medical advice, or medical suggestion, perhaps.

And that was all I needed to confirm my suspicions that hefty doses of vitamin C wasn’t going to get it.

And just a minute ago, on the FAN page of a local restaurant/bar who was advertising the coming of their Frozen Hurricanes, I asked, “What’s in a hurricane again?” It wasn’t because it was easier than Googling it. It was to enter into a conversation with RED’s or whoever else was visiting RED’s page. It was sticking my ignorance out there (I do that a lot) in order to get a connection with someone else.

Next Up: Why do we PROMOTE brands? And I mean really Promote! As if we worked for the company but don’t. What’s in it for me when I sing the praises of my Keurig Single Shot Coffee Maker? Do we share for: discovery, I’m gonna be the one who turns you on to this cool thing, for community or tribe (If you love Keurig or coffee let’s talk about it)? We aren’t doing it for money or fame. So what’s the connection between promoting a brand or a product on social and the return to us? What do we get out of the “deal?”

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