More On Twitter UX Update: Show Me the Following Icon Again

Okay, I’m digging the Twitter “follower” and “friends” pages update. Except for one thing.

I can only tell if someone I follow is following me back if I click on the pull-down. I believe before, it was a simple icon that let me know if someone I was following was DM-able. And that is still the only clue, but today it hides underneath the pull-down instead of out in the open where I can see the status of an entire page of “friends.”

Here’s someone I follow who DOES NOT follow me back:

Picture 12

The only way I can see that Zooey is not following me back is the fact I cannot DM her. Oh well…

And here is someone who I follow to DOES follow me back:

Picture 13

And there’s the DM-ability on Todd’s pull-down indicating that he is following me back. [Thanks Todd!]

@stop, please put the are-they-following-me information back out on the page please.

Thanks again for all you do,


There’s more on The Twitter Way page.

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