Is Pinterest More Than Shoes, Skirts, and Happy Kitty Pictures? < But Is It A Social Network?

My happy kitteh mentality on Pinterest

On Pinterest everyone knows I am a happy kitteh.

Pinterest is not new. It was started in March, 2010. By the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 the rise and dominance of Pinterest seems to be common knowledge. IF you believe all you read, you might think that Pinterest is the greatest thing since Facebook. It’s not. It’s good. It’s fun. It is continuing to capture the hearts and minds of consumers and social media pundits alike. (Uh, is that irony or something else?)

But Pinterest has a few problems that you should know about as well.

1. Pinterest is self-referential. When you Pin something others Pin it too. But often it is more about sharing the image and does not lead to ANY CLICKS to your content. Fashion and retail items are the exception to this trend. If you can buy it and you want it you are likely to click on the link.

2. Pinterest is making money somewhere. New information may be revealing how Pinterest is hijacking your links and sending traffic to affiliate online retailers.

3. The buzz will die down about Pinterest and what will be left? Perhaps it will grow and begin to dominate the social media space for the next few years, but I don’t think so. The visual navigation of Pinterest is fairly limited for cataloging and retrieving information. While the pictures are pretty, and the pictures are where Pinterest really got it’s start, they are not enough. A pinboard is not a sortable navigation tool. If you really want to catalog a bit of information and find it again you will put it on Delicious rather than Pinterest.

4. Over 97% of the people who LIKED Pinterest on Facebook are female. (from All Facebook) Not inherently a problem, but not really a balanced audience either. But perhaps that’s just the Facebook Pinterest Fans.

For social networking you might put it on both. But one is a tool (Delicious) and one is like a mail-order catalog (Pinterest). One is fairly sophisticated in helping you tag, organize, and retrieve deep levels of information. The other is a semi-organized photo album.

Pinterest has some work to do to remain so hot. The “invites” are not being requested at the rates they were at the beginning of the year. And while I do PIN, I also TAG. I do love the visual and random nature of Pinterest. And while I have gotten some RePins and some followers, I have yet to see any significant traffic to my blog from the content I am so busy Pinning.

What have you found in your Pinterest experience? Are you using it as an index or just a visual sharing system? And would you call Pinterest a social network?

No, really, I am actually a happy kitteh on Pinterest. See for yourself.

My happy kitteh mentality on Pinterest

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  1. Point 1 depends GREATLY on your content. My traffic has more than doubled because of pinterest referrals. It all depends on the type of content you are pinning and the niche of your blog. For my blogs and my readers it’s amazing. It’s “Digg” for the visual. 

    1. Yes. What is your blog about, Roni? Again, if it’s about fashion or purchasable items, I believe you are correct. As a general driver I would bet the clicks are much less.

      1. The most traffic increase has been on my food blog but there’s also been a significant jump in my personal blog as well. No fashion. No Retail. It’s now my top referral overall beating facebook and twitter, both of which I’m highly active on. 

        1. That’s great news. I can see how your food blog would do well on Pinterest. Of course my subject is tech and social media, not really Pinners. Yet!

          1. well you get digg and delicious and google+ and every other geek tech fest. Let us visual folk share the love a bit. 😉 

          2. Ha! Digg is dead. Delicious and G+ are trending. Twitter and FB are my platform. Oh and stumbleupon and reddit.

          3. I wish dig wasn’t dead. And I wish pinterest would remain women and foodies, but it’s not possible.

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