Frequent motivational messages from author John McElhenney. Delivered via email and Mail Chimp (sub and unsub is a snap) What’s your hesitation? Tell me: [email protected]

Daily inspirations and messages to motivate your work: business, career, life/work balance along towards your dream.

Sample Messages:

  • Set your goal early today. And set it high. If you reach half of your stretch goal you have accomplished a lot. Go for 100%.
  • Who are you taking to lunch this week, next week? Eating alone is fine if you need the time to reflect. But to build your network and business, invite people to lunch.
  • The end of that business deal may feel like a setback, but it’s a change to reflect, learn, and launch again. Let’s get started!


Nightly inspirations to motivate your relationship: closeness, transparency, communication, negotiations, aspirations.

Sample Messages:

Don’t forget to unplug tonight. If you’re commonly answering emails in bed, stop. Tonight, go home, unplug, enjoy your family.

Tonight, before you go to bed, make a list of what’s on your agenda tomorrow. In this way you might have some profitable ideas in your dreams.


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