My Gaming Brain: What I Learn, Learned, Am Learning Playing Games

My Gaming Brain: What I Learn, Learned, Am Learning Playing Games

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Like gaming or not, there are lessons learned while blasting your way through Assassin’s Creed or collaborating in Minecraft. And your brain lights up and learns from these immersive experiences.

My earliest addiction to a game was the original Myst. Beauty, music, sadness, and a mystery. And the lesson of Myst: try again and again, over and over, never give up.

Often the problems in life or work follow the same trajectory. Try try try. Get something working for a moment. Change happens, all hell breaks loose, and we’re back to try try try. It seems like my brain has benefited from the persistent yet often boring approach to solving problems. Code, design, typography, even writing itself is all a series of tries and retries. The part that GAMING changes, is it turns the mundane into fun. I’m not always sure how the magic switch is thrown, but I can tell you I am playing a game online these days that has some seriously boring and repetitive parts.

It’s a lot like work in some aspects: repeat the same task over and over again, adjust towards success, and repeat again. Online marketing never ends. There is no WIN or LEVEL COMPLETE.

The trick is to turn that task-driven aspect of your work into some kind of game. Seriously, if you’ve battered your head against an online puzzle for hours and FINALLY come up with solution you feel a major sense of accomplishment. What did you accomplish? Ah, you figured out how to get the levers to move in the correct sequence so you could open the gate. Well done.

Online marketing, facebook marketing, social marketing, are a lot like that. You keep fiddling with the levers and gears (try this, try that), you listen and look for clues (reporting), and when a sliver of success comes into view you maximise that result and try to repeat it. And you start again. If you are stuck in the mindset that it is boring or repetitive you have lost the battle. If you have discovered the inner joy of TRY, then you have achieved a western state of bliss. Work at what you love.

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