When Facebook Killed My Klout Score: Problems in Social Media

When Facebook Killed My Klout Score: Problems in Social Media

Klout is probably the best reputation indicator we have. There are a significant number of players in the field of *reputation* management, or trust, or authority. I’ve written about them all here: The 7th Discipline of Social Media; KLOUT, the New Measure of Influence

My Facebook Klout Problem
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But when my Klout score dropped off the cliff last week, I had to take evasive action to get things back in order. Here’s what happened.

Klout added the ability to connect your Klout score to a Facebook page as opposed to a Facebook profile. I thought the process would be additive rather than either or. And right there in the on-screen instructions it says, “You can only have one type of Facebook account connected at any time. Connecting a Facebook Page will unlink your Facebook account.”


But I didn’t read it. I click on the little button to *ADD* my page and didn’t think much about it. Didn’t even remember doing it, about a week later when I noticed my Klout score had dropped significantly. I poked around and saw the problem. BUT, I couldn’t disconnect my Klout account from the Page without asking Tech Support to do it for me.

It took several tweets to @kloutsupport before I got a response, but they unlinked my Page and that allowed me to re-link my Facebook account. And in 24-hours my K was back where it belonged. (Note: I made the mistake a while back of ignoring my K-score and then unFriending a significant number of *friends* that were not really very connected to me at all. At that time I was willing to weather the Klout hit. But today, you will see, if you want to grow your K-score it take FOREVER. I will not ignore it again.

Of course, the question comes up, is your Klout score important? And my answer is, “It can be.” Here is how I use Klout scores to determine authority. I have installed a Chrome extension that shows K-scores on Twitter accounts in real-time, as I’m browsing.

Using the Klout Score in Chrome

And it’s easy to see the people who are *working* social media hard by that little number. Guy Kawasaki, probably the biggest social media star there is, has an 89. And two other hard working marketers and social media folks, Scott Berkun and Esta H. Singer are in the 60’s. By contrast the president has a 99.

President Obama's Klout Score


So, I don’t go check other’s Klout scores, but I do see them all the time. And while I would not worry to much about people in the 30 – 80 range, people below 30 are suspect. I think you get a 23 just for signing in. So I think you should sign-in. And I would suggest you add your networks. While Klout is not something for your resume, you can be sure that it’s an easier way to check you social media relevance than digging into your LinkedIn profile. So you know HR people and recruiters are using it, even just to filter out the newbies.

This presentation is available on Slideshare.net: When My Klout Score Dropped Off a Cliff

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  1. Thanks! I had a problem with my klout score taking a huge ding and then saw that my Facebook Page was the culprit. I wasn’t able to disconnect my Facebook page first due to some error, I let it be for five minutes and then it let me do it for some strange reason. Your article was easy to read and I appreciate the help! 🙂

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