THE Social Media Marketing Secret in Two Words: LinkedIn Groups (best practices)

THE Social Media Marketing Secret in Two Words: LinkedIn Groups (best practices)

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For a short period of time, the LinkedIn WordPress plug-in was broken. I slacked off my group participation. I forgot about LinkedIn Groups. I worked my other channels.

Today I tried the “post to linkedin” link on this blog, and discovered that the Post to Groups feature was working again.

So I posted one of my current article in several of my social media and marketing groups. And viola I was reminded by my internal metrics about an hour later. (see background image above) And so far, as of 8:43 CST, LinkedIn contributed 39% of my 110 visits today.

LinkedIn Best Practices

A couple best practices that will keep your LinkedIn Group posts from appearing like spam.

Don’t spam. Only post relevant content within your groups.

Don’t post too frequently. (I try not to post within any single group more than twice in one week.)

Make sure your article has an image that can be picked up by LinkedIn’s aggregation service.

If posting in a group, you can add a subject line and detail. These can help prime the discussion.

If it’s not your best post, just put it in your updates and not into the groups. (Keep your quality very high.)

Do contribute to the discussions of other people’s group posts.

It’s true that LinkedIn groups have gotten kind of spammy. Open up any group you are a member of and look at the content of the posts. If it’s a spammy group, get out. Also, Closed or Private groups may give you better results as they are moderated and spam is not tolerated.

Be a good contributor and don’t over do it, and I’m sure LinkedIn Groups will be a big part of your marketing platform.

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