Facebook’s Open Graph Social Search, UX-UI Fail

Facebook’s Open Graph Social Search, UX-UI Fail

Okay, I’ve got the hyped-new-revved up social graph search on Facebook. WOOT. Problem is, they’ve MOVED the PRIMARY navigation from TOP LEFT to Middle-of-a-lot-of-stuff RIGHT. WHY. I know the BIGGER search window looks cool, but how many MILLIONS of your users are going to reach for that TOP LEFT section hoping to reorient back to HOME. And instead they’ve gotta go searching for it.

UI, UX, Fail. Please put the main nav items back on the LEFT. Please. Save 200 million users the suffering of your idiocy and bad design. Please, just move it back.

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 5.30.57 AM
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Dear Facebook,

Everybody knows people look at pages from TOP LEFT to right and down. Why bury the MOST IMPORTANT NAV Structure in the right hand mess. Now we’ve got the HOME link again as well. Please, FB, give me social search, but put the main nav elements back to the TOP LEFT corner of the page, where they belong. UX, UI 101.


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  1. It’s ridiculous – not only the Home moved but the notification button. Such a silly thing, but my eyes need retraining to look over there and it’s pissing me off. For what gain??

    1. It’s awful. And now we’ve got the HOME button again, and our Avatar Icon and now this FB logo box inside the search window that is also a HOME button. Innovate but don’t break what’s working.

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