Facebook Fail: You Now Have To PAY To Show Posts to Friends?

Facebook Fail: You Now Have To PAY To Show Posts to Friends?

It’s common today to get people on facebook saying things like, “Facebook won’t show you this picture, so here’s the txt.” But what’s really happening is Facebook is simply limiting your post so that you PAY to show it.

Facebook's FILTER Sucks
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So even with 2,200+ LIKES, my average post gets shown to about 1% of my followers. WHAT? That’s BS!

The other HUGE BS, is how these BOOST POST ads are being sold. The targeting is awful. And on non-business posts, where you’re paying to promote your own personal post, they don’t even give you real numbers. They simply give you a percentage of increase in how many views you got. They should show you, YOUR PROMOTED POST GOT 125 views rather than 10. EVEN THOUGH you have 6oo+ friends. Sorry, that’s how we roll these days.

So Facebook as an advertising platform sucks. Now they’re gonna sell us the functionality that used to be what Facebook was about. When you start paying to show your posts to your friends, well, the END OF FACEBOOK can’t come to soon in my book. But I can’t seem to get many people to join me on Google+. What we need is a next social platform. A SIMPLE, AD FREE, FACEBOOK KILLER. I know… I’m dreaming. But I’m allowed to dream. And I can pay $5 and get you to see it for a nanosecond.

Another funny question comes up a lot in social media. “Would you pay for your use of Facebook? Would you pay a subscription fee?” Um, it’s starting to happen. And it’s really expensive.

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