Trippin Mobile Through the Social Media Networks: How We Connect eSocially

Trippin Mobile Through the Social Media Networks: How We Connect eSocially

going mobile while waiting for backups

REFRESH 6-11-13: My laptop has been in backup mode for two days. Granted I’m backing up to a NAS drive (connected via wifi and ethernet rather than fatter cables). And in this tethered mode, I am pushed even more to my iPhone as computing device. I’m about ready to try the iPad as my Main Unit again. Just as soon as I buy OFFICE. (one client still requires Outlook!! frown) Updating this post as part of my summer content brushup.

UPDATE 2-17-12: More and more I am leaving my laptop tethered to it’s big monitor on my desk at home and venturing out with only my iPhone. How much can I get done without ever turning on my laptop? My quick path is always the same: email, TXT, facebook. I don’t really check Twitter without a tool. I am noticing I AM using Facebook a lot more. While the system has not gotten any better, it does seem that everyone is on FB. So I check in to see what comments and posts have appeared every few hours, even while I’m mobile. The FB app is not bad. The LinkedIN app does a fairly good job of responding if I need to, but since any DM’s also send me an email, it is not a first stop.

networking via phone is the defacto standardWe are getting more and more fluid with our communication networks. And I am sure my iPhone has made some of the cross-connections between networks quite seamlessness. So let’s see how this works.

Interaction #1:

  • Email meeting request with business friend and mentor. > Response. > Google Calendar invites set, sent and accepted by both parties.
  • Coffee with friend. Person at the next table starts small talk, interesting contact. Friend and I exchange todo items and part.
  • I write and send a SWOT analysis friends’s non-profit. He sends an email introducing me to another social media worker.
  • I use LinkedIN to find the interesting person from the initial coffee meeting. Send an In-Mail direct message. 2 hours later get a phone number and “txt me” opening.
  • Email introduced social media worker results in a meeting offer. > Google Calendar invites set, sent and accepted by both parties.
  • “Txt Me” contact responds and we schedule a future meeting as well.

In this exchange I used: face-2-face networking, LinkedIN, email, txt, and Google Calendars. And I have exponentially grown my initial coffee with a friend by three times. And there is more interaction to come from the non-profit analysis I provided, for free, and potential new work from the two new contacts.

Now, when I have been in a meeting, or offline for any length of time I will check two networks from my phone when I get “re-wired.”

  1. eMail: any direct messaging or LinkedIN requests filter to my primary email account. (friends, clients, dates, family, potential clients)
  2. facebook: more and more people are using facebook messaging to reach out for appointments, business meetings, contacts, and whatever else they have in mind. (friends, associates, family)

Interaction #2

  • I post on facebook that I’m wanting to go to Mutemath concert on the weekend.
  • A friend, and musician, messages me on facebook “I LOVE Mutemath.” They say they are going to buy their ticket online right then. (They thank me for the tip.)
  • Via email and face-2-face interactions I look for someone who wants to go to Mutemath with me. (Wingman or Chaperone) No takers.
  • Facebook to friend, wanna go together? > Affirmative.
  • Facebook message days later, friend is sick. Can I sell the Mutemath ticket for them?
  • Still no takers on facebook for Mutemath ticket. Friend emails me the online code to claim the extra ticket. “Sell it, give it away, be a hero.”
  • I take two tickets to Mutemath, pinging my Twitter and Facebook networks offering a “free ticket.” I get a lot of responses but no takers.
  • I see Mutemath alone. Meet a new person who might need some social media help. After the show we connect via Facebook.

In this exchange I used: facebook, twitter, email, txt, face-2-face. After leaving the show, I checked my email and facebook via my phone. Satisfied that I was clear and covered I drove home and slept peacefully.

Interaction #3

  • New friend pings me on Facebook to ask me to a happy hour with some of her friends.
  • Meet an attractive woman who is part of previous friend’s tribe.
  • Attractive woman requests friending on fb a few days later.
  • We strike up a conversation and agree to meet next week for drinks.
  • I put the “date” in my google calendar and add her email address.
  • She complains that she is “not a business relationship, but a friend.”
  • Finally, I add her phone # to my phone and txt her a simple “Hey, have a good weekend, see you next week.”
  • She again complains, “You have me worried.”

In this exchange I used: facebook, txt, face-2-face. And I have practically blown the opportunity by being too social. Oops. Guess I won’t contact her again this weekend. Should I confirm the “yes” on the meeting next week?

THE AH HA MOMENT: From 2pm to 11pm I did not use a computer once. Every electronic interaction was done on my iPhone. Now do you see why Steve Jobs proclaimed the PC dead and the “cloud” the system of the future?

Also notice one other thread that is becoming more powerful: Google Calendar invites set, sent and accepted by both parties.

Mobile is gonna be big, I tell ya. Like “plastics.” (obscure reference) Get mobile. Get social. And get out there and meet up face-2-face, it’s the most powerful networking possible.

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

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