Google’s AdSense: King Google Does Not Want to Be Bothered

Google’s AdSense: King Google Does Not Want to Be Bothered

Preamble: We know Google holds all the cards. In fact, we give them the rights to exploit every aspect of our online experience, when we use Google Search, G-Mail, YouTube, Chrome, G+, Docs, etc. We share our data with them about everything. Even when we opt-out of sharing, they are still collecting all of our data. They are in our email, our search history, our analytics, our private documents, our voicemail, our phones, our maps, our GPS locations.

If there is something that Google does not know about us, it can probably be bought from Amazon or Apple’s iTunes. Between the three of them, I think they know everything I buy, why I buy it, how much I spent, and even when the next family birthday is coming up and how old that person is, and what their preferences are.

So I have NO ILLUSIONS about my rights or strength against being bullied by Google AdSense. None. The one idea I had, calling a friend who’s been a top Googler for over 10 years and a friend for over 15, was a miserable flop. Even he expressed the oppressive nature of the strongbox of Google’s Ad System.

In the longrun, this monopoly cannot stand. Even Microsoft has seen it’s dominance flounder. So too will Google fall on hard times in the future. And it’s not from ineffective arrows of people like me, it’s going to be something better, freer, more transparent. Some one will offer services, perhaps for FREE, that will make our lives better WITHOUT GOOGLE or GOOGLE’S DATA.

I am a marketer. I write about marketing, I execute marketing programs for clients, and I have played by every white hat rule there is. And within 10-days Google saw fit to disable my AdSense account. But as I say in the Part 1: Google AdSense Account Disabled and Part Deux: King Google Kills posts, they have ALL MY DATA. If I were committing click fraud it would be using Chrome, with G-Mail and Search sharing ON. It would be with Google Analytics deeply embedded in this site, where I must’ve committed the fraud. And yet, THE KING does not have to answer to his subjects. Google reserves the right to ignore my objection, and to continue to ignore my requests, without recourse. I do not have any further course of action. My AdSense days, and the three clicks they almost paid for, are over. My account at the time of deactivation said I was going to be owed $10.83 by the end of December.

So without further delay, I give you the final chapter in my Google AdSense Saga. I have not given up. But I am unlikely to affect a change on my own.

A request: If you have KING GOOGLE ABUSE stories, I’d love to hear them. I’ll assemble a wikipedia entry about it when I have enough data.

The future must defeat the tirant. Only “the people” can do that. And maybe donations to the EFF will help.


Two rounds and a quick email to a higher-than Googler. And I’m no closer to unlocking the problem with my account according to King Google. In fact the response from my Googler was rather telling.

Is King Google Protectionist?

“Yeah, don’t even go there, we have our reasons and we cannot divulge.”

So King Google has got even insiders a bit on the defensive side. For my friend and pretty lofty Googler to say, “Sorry I can’t help!” Well, that speaks volumes.

Okay, so there is probably not much I can do at this point. I will have to look into alternative advertising options. In the meantime, let’s engage that AD BLOCK software into my Google Chrome browser, turn off data sharing in my Google Analytics account and see what we can do about migrating OFF G-Mail.

Not much, I’m sure, but us little folk don’t have many options when the King decides we’re out of line. And heck, they don’t have to tell us, and they’ve even scared off an executive from checking into the complaint. So, there’s nothing we can do, we’re Phucked.

Hey, maybe Yahoo and Bing will start kicking Google’s ass and Zoho documents and such start making some headway against Google Docs. And Google Plus Hangouts… Phuck!

From the My Application Was Disapproved What Do I Do Now page on Google’s AdSense.

What is "invalid activity" ?

Reference: Ad Blocking Raises Alarm Among Firms Like Google – NY Times

Ad Blocking Extension for Google Chrome: AdBlock for Chrome

Interesting Note: pages seem to load a lot faster when Google Adwords is not having to be pinged all the time. So far, I LIKE AD BLOCKING.


UPDATE 1-9-13: King Google’s Response for today:

Invalid Activity Appeal - Google AdSesne

And so you don’t have to go looking for that link, here’s the content of that page:

appealing your Google AdSense Cancellation

And for me that’s the real rub. King Google is telling you, don’t call us, we’ll call you. And use this form, ONLY. And finally, “you might not receive any further communication from us.”

Really? Google is shutting me off. Well, SHUT ME OFF. And as I try to scale their appeals process and get repeated rejection form letter… They might just start ignoring me. WOW!

John McElhenney


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