PIN might be the new POKE (meaningless) What’s POPULAR Right Now on Pinterest

Pinterest pop quiz: Do you like pictures of cute kitties, dresses, shoes, and jewelry?

What's Popular on Pinterest Right Now - Might Bore You To Tears
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What’s popular on Pinterest right now¬†might bore you to tears. Jewelry, dog and cat pics, fashion and kitchen ideas. Seriously? At noon on a Tuesday? It’s like a soap opera. Lot’s of people like them, lots of people watch them, most people won’t admit to watching them and then still watch them. But I’m not one of those folks.

Okay so Pinterest is not for me, not to my tastes at the moment. But does that mean I have to leave Pinterest to the CuteOverload people and pictures of girls in little black dresses and high-heeled shoes? Fat chance.

The whining has already begun. “Leave Pinterest alone.” And I can tell you the marketers are poised to invade in a big way. When HUBSPOT, the online marketing cheerleading squad publishes an eBook today called: How to use Pinterest for Business, I think the jig is up. The mass marketers, the spammers, the con-folks, the make a million dollars using Pinterest hawkers are coming.

Business marketing on Pinterest

Well, I hope I’m one of the good guys, trying to figure out how to provide valuable ideas about using Pinterest. Yes, business is my objective as well, but I take the WIIFY (what’s in it for you) approach.

So here are a couple Pinterest ideas that should not get anyone’s feathers up in a rage. (Was that a mixed metaphor?)

1. Socialize INFOGRAPHICS. (One of the most shared PINS in my Pinboard list.) They are useful when done right and they provide a very visual format for providing information. And they Pin well.

2. PIN your portfolio. Working as a consultant? A student looking for a job? Use Pinboards to show your portfolio of skills and visual work.

3. Pin things you are passionate about. If it’s SHOES then you should fit right in. But just because Pinterest excels in the cute and fashionable areas does not mean you cannot use it to promote music videos you love, or great moments from YouTube that you love.

4. Begin your own categories. Pinterest starts out with a few default Pinboards that COULD set your tone. But don’t let them keep you in the Pinterest Interest trap. Build your own Pinboards. And who knows, perhaps you will start a trend. Or is that Ptrend? (silent “p”)

What’s happening in my experience of Pinterest is a lot of Pinning and RePinning and very little clicking, or traffic generation due to a Pinned item. So people see pictures, they like pictures, and they RePin the picture to their pinboard. It’s like a huge echo chamber. The same dog image that was trending yesterday will make the rounds today as thousands more PIN it for the first time under the “CUTE” or “FUNNY” catagory on their Pinboard.

And lest you think I am being cynical, I am not. I know that plenty of folks are not happy to see ANY marketers proposing uses and ideas for Pinterest. They would like to keep Pinterest like some exclusive women’s club, that remains pure to the original intent. Um… Okay.

So on to the next new thing. I’m not sure Pinterest is all it’s cracked up to be at this point. Their growth is phenominal, yes, but the sharing of cute cat videos is HUGE too. If Pinterest doesn’t make itself useful to their users in some way, other than “cute” sharing, it might do fine in the cute cat category, but it won’t have much more of a market impact than they Nyan Cat did. Sure, it’s HUGE, but for/about what exactly?

My internal link stats today (2-21-12 at 1:48 pm)

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Pinterest referrals: ONE.

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