Positive Forces: Delayed, Deflected, Divorced, Distracted, But Not Deterred

Positive Forces have Positive Momentum.

A story: I met her via twitter. And a few days ago she reached out.

for stronger results - join forces

And she was surprised when I responded with a “Yes.”

And last night during our second “how can I help” phone call she called out the elephant in the room, “Why are you doing this?”

I knew about the elephant and yet I wasn’t sure how to answer. “This is what I do,” I said. And then I said something about paying it forward, and putting positive energy out into the universe and blah blah blah.

Here’s my real answer.

We Are Voices! When I hear a like-minded and positive voice I will do almost anything to help. I had heard her story. I liked her rant and rave blog. I wanted to see her successful at her efforts to support her family via the web and not return to the cube farm of the corporate life. (Kinda an aim of mine as well.)

And there’s a lot I can do for free. She was quick to offer, “affiliates and a percentages of profits and I just want us all to be successful, and if you help me, I’ll help you…” But that’s not what motivated me.

“If we meet at SXSW in year to celebrate your success, and I had a part in getting you there, I will gladly accept a beer in exchange for helping you.”

“That would be so fantastic. If I could make the money, and write it off, I’d bring my kids to Austin. How kick ass would that be?”

And there it was. My rally cry. “How kick ass would that be?”

That’s what I’m going for. And that’s what I’m interested in helping you do. My goal with Uber.la is to help you kick ass. And sure I do this for a living, but at the moment things are working out in that department and I’m happy to share the wealth, of knowledge.

“How can I help you kick ass?”**

Wisdom and Tools: everything I’m learning I try and capture here as quickly as I can write it, video it, or catalog it.


  • I respond to Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Comments
  • If you ask and I can answer I will
  • Connecting with others is the “point” of social media


  • I’m always looking for partners in my creative ventures, if the skills match up let’s figure out how to work together
  • I will review and give you feedback on your project for free
  • If there’s a desire to move into a business consulting relationship, that’s what I do for money, so let me know


  • Referrals – what kind of resources are you looking for, let me see if I know somebody
  • Here’s my network and here are some ideas for how you can grow yours
  • Let’s Circle Up on Google+ and do a Hangout, you never know what we’re going to discover and who will show up


  • Join my Circles on Google+, ask for a connection on LinkedIN, follow me on Twitter
  • Ask for a referral, ask for a connection, give back to the network and offer you support
  • Offer input or help on one of the above networking experiments

Sharing Coffee:

  • Thursday morning coffees are open – if you’re in my Google+ Circles you will always be notified when the hangout is open
  • For a coffee or beer I’ll give you everything I’ve got. I’m not begging, I’m offering. Let’s get face to face and talk.

I’m sure there’s more.

Bottom Line: Positive Forces have Positive Momentum. And I’m all about the “MO!”

John McElhenney

*Ongoing appreciation to Kathy Sierra for her work on Creating Passionate Users for that gem! May she return to her kick ass blogging soon.

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