Positive Momentum: How Do You Generate Your Forward Thinking?

How to sustain creative momentumCreativity requires momentum. It is much easier to let a creative project languish than it is to get in the studio and wrestle with it. For me, with my musical passions, it gets harder and harder to pick up the guitar the longer it has been since I last picked it up. What I need, what gets me back to “butt in chair, guitar in hand” is momentum. Let me explain how my process works and how I make attempts to stay on track and moving towards my creative target.

One of the techniques I’ve used to keep a creative thread alive is to set the end point, the celebration, early on in the process. For my music that is often the CD cover and song sequencing. Once I have the vision set for the theme and character of the CD I can use the picture to remind me [even during other tasks in my day] of my desire to keep working on my musical project. And here is is another artistic hurdle: I don’t derive any livelihood from my music. I might, eventually. But today I receive about $10 per quarter from Apple’s iTunes. So the compelling force has got to come from my own desire and not for monetary reward. [Of course, the science will prove out that the “work for hire” creative process can be stifling.]

Another way that I have found to keep momentum alive, and this is especially critical in my blogging experience, is to develop multiple streams of creativity. Bundle ideas up and create a theme. In blogging that means doing a series. While finding a single-point focus might be the best “business” approach to blogging, I have found to sustain a daily writing habit I need several themes to mine creatively. So try things. See what catches fire in your mind, maybe it will catch fire in your audience’s mind too.

And at this point I’m going to accelerate through this post by giving you the bullet points. Hit me in the comments or via email if you have questions.

  • Let the pressure build, and pay attention to it.
  • Keep the creative projects in front of you.
  • Fill your life with other creative people.
  • Don’t talk about your creative projects, do them.

And now, go get on it, get positive, and get crackin.

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