Killing Can Auto-Adding Friends & Topics Be Good? (VIDEO)

I was reading a post about Razorfish and they mentioned Quora and the discussions that were happening there. So I thought I’d go see, and finally register on this new darling of social media.

What I found about Razorfish 2.0, otherwise known as the Dachis Group, named after Dot-Com Kids fame, Jeffry Dachis, was sort of interesting. But what was more amazing to me was what started happening on my profile page on


I’m not a big fan of Auto-Populating anything when it comes to social media and the land/follower grab it has become. So when Quora started mining my Twitter feed for information about me, I was a bit perplexed. Here’s where we ended up.

auto-social the process of adding people to my account:

Do you

So 1,662 people or companies that I am connected to via Twitter have all become my friends? SRSLY? Man, I’m afraid of what might’ve happened if I’d joined using Facebook, where my (an your) LIKES are probably pretty out of control.

Is it okay for a social media site to use your other accounts to auto-connect you with companies, causes, likes, dislikes, followers, friends, enemies? Where is it NOT okay? Searching around Quora I didn’t find a way to disallow the friend/link mining function. And if I wanted to I could simply go to every single 1,662 quora profile and UNFOLLOW them directly.

Meh, I think I’ll take another approach.

don't auto-add my friends


And how long will my account live on, even after I’ve deactivated it? John McElhenney on

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