Radiohead’s Newest CD – The King of Limbs (micro music review)

music review - radiohead king of limbs

How long does it take, listening to a new cd, to determine if you like it, love it or hate it? I’m still trying to decide if the newest Radiohead disc has any hits. Or if it’s more of Hail to the Thief rather than In Rainbows.

So I have two immediate favorites, and that’s a good sign…

Morning Mr. Magpie has a wonderful riff and classic York ramblings. “how are we today?”

And from Little By Little, “I am such a tease and you’re such a flirt…”

With this cd Radiohead flirts with greatness, but never lets the riffs cut loose into the cacophony that sets them apart from all others. Not as far left as the ambient cds, but not near as electrifying as In Rainbows or Ok Computer. It’s growing on me day by day. But it’s still not jumping out and grabbing me. Maybe they are getting more subtle over the arc of their career.


Update 2-28-11: I’m still not feeling the love for Radiohead 2011. I’m listening, but I’m not grooving much. In Rainbows was a hard act to follow. I mean look what they did after OK Computer, they frackin went off the deep end for two cds. Still loving RH but not hearing the huge mind-bending songs I’ve come to hope for and ultimately expect.

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