MARKETING REBOOT: Google PPC – Get Back to the Basics

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[Marketing Reboot Is a simple idea to help you get your digital marketing rockin.]

Agency and client relationships age over time. Staff changes and priority adjustments can lead to less attention and success over time. Time to reboot!

STEP ONE: STOP – Everything


  • Clear goals
  • Clear CTAs
  • Clear Ad Groups



Typical Issues

  • Complacency – it’s working
  • Not trying new ads
  • Not testing new CTA’s and Headlines
  • Now experimenting with new groups and keywords
  • Not measuring final conversion (beyond adwords)

Quick Fix

  • Stop all ads not producing clicks
  • Get your CTR working first
  • Build impressions once you’ve dialed in some winning ads
  • Track the click to conversion
  • Pick the winners and multiply them

That’s all there is to it. Stop everything and check what you are doing.

What clicks have resulted in WINS? Now get more of those. Try variations. Use A/B tests. Try new CTAs. And measure everything.

This Marketing Reboot is available on Slideshare: PPC/Adwords Marketing Reboot from

John McElhenney
@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

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