Referral Traffic Insights: How Did You Find Me Here?

Referral Traffic Insights: How Did You Find Me Here?

How often do you assess your referral sources?

Do you try adding new social channels, like StumbleUpon or Reddit? Here are my top referrals from yesterday. Let’s dig in a bit.

Here are my top referral sources from yesterday. As expected my search engine (organic) referrals was the top number by about a 4-to-1 margin. (We’ll look at mining your organic search results in another post.) Next LinkedIn, which is great because I am targeting potential business customers with my content. Then Google+, are you doing G+? If you’re not you might be missing a big opportunity. Twitter and StumbleUpon come up next as channels that I push a lot of content to. Then the golden backlinks from reliable and high-value sources. Alltop, BusinessInsider, NetworkedBlogs.Understanding Referral Traffic

It’s a great idea to keep up on your referrals. And to watch how your mix changes or improves as you add or shift your social sharing strategy a bit. And don’t forget other sharing sources, you might have a hit on one of them and generate a ton of free traffic. Reddit, Google Bookmarks, Delicious, HackerNews.

Then take aim at where that traffic is ending up. Are they traveling deeper into your site or are they reading for 30 seconds and bouncing off to another place? If you have a bounce problem you might consider what other opportunities you are offering the first time visitor, and look at improving your stickiness. For example, a Related Posts section at the bottom of the page can help give the readers some relevant follow-up stories. There are plugins that can perform this task, but I prefer hand-picking the related content for maximum effectiveness.

understanding your referral stats

Also, make sure you’re checking your stats in several different places. Sometimes Google Analytics doesn’t tell the whole story. For example here is my “referral” stat from JetPack.

That BusinessInsider link is from my post The Death of the Social Media Strategist. One article link has generated over 2,000 page views since being picked up.

And always remember this important stat when you are examining your Content Marketing plans.

Learn Your Visitors

And make sure you are doing all you can do to keep the 90% of your traffic around to engage with more of your content and perhaps fill out a contact form or subscribe to your RSS feed. It’s the New Visitor you are trying to turn into Returning Visitors.

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