Results of my 2012 Evolutionary Online Marketing Plan: Um, Excuse Me, Are You Listening?


The 3 Step Evolution of my business plan for 2012:

  1. THE Biggest Mistake In Social Media Marketing: Not Asking for the Business Now I need to give that solution, or the framework for that solution, to you for free. Well, in exchange for your email address. You can opt-out if you like, but without contact, I’ll never know you were here other than that blip on Google Analytics. (Awareness of the problem)
  2. The Social Economy: I’m Trying to Give It Away, What’s the Problem? (So Is Everyone Else) And perhaps the problem is this: Everybody is giving it away. The Hubspots and Chris Brogans of the world are fishing in the same waters as I am with much larger nets and more powerful offers. So how can I take it personal? What can I do to localize my offer that the big boys can’t do? (Offering a solution)
  3. Monday Morning Consulting Offer: Cost = Nearly Free; Value = Priceless I’d like to meet you and talk about your business and the whole spectrum of online marketing opportunities that could contribute to your success. (Taking the Offer Direct)

That was the plan. Starting on November 29, 2011. I started getting my act together on this blog, and putting my practice into practice, so to speak. And on February 27, 2012, I threw down the ultimate gauntlet, FREE. I can’t do any better than that. I can’t BEG. Well, at least not yet.


So here are the results after 30 days with the ultimate offer in place. The ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

SWOT reviews = 0
Disciplines of Social Media [eBook] download = 10
FREE morning coffees = 0

Um. Okay. Clearly I’m missing some huge component to my strategy. And if I were planning on living on this income stream, I’d better start looking for backup offers at Starbucks, or something. At least they have insurance.

Perhaps there’s another approach?

I’ve also been doing the PAY IT FORWARD consulting approach. “Sure, I can help you with that. Let’s meet up at Whole Foods.”

Free meetings delivered = 4.

On these meetings I am not looking at the value of the potential client. I am merely helping out. Need a site? Need to promote your business? Don’t understand Twitter? Let’s grab a table some where and chat about. it.

Finally, when I friend called last week about brushing up on SEO and SEM I referred her to my Social U. page. 6 – 7 video trainings, all under 2 minutes. “Seriously, if you just watch the videos, I am trying to deliver a small actionable lesson very quickly. It’s the best I can do. I can’t explain it any more efficiently or clearly to you.”

Video views, since November 2011 = 1,500+ (video marketing)
Posts on since Nov. 3, 2011 = 143 (content marketing / seo / sem) Here’s the post index.

BOTTOMLINE: business generated =  ZERO.


I’m not crying or complaining. I’m fascinated. All the way to the poor house. All I can say is, thank goodness I have several late-stage job interviews in progress. And at the same time I am pushing harder than ever on my Evil Plans(tm). But nothing, in this economy, or political climate, or “social media hyped” economy is actually driving business. And my guess is, I’m not the only one struggling to scrape up even the smallest glimmer of a lead.

Take hope. Keep pressing forward. Don’t panic. Stay social. It’s gonna turn around. There’s no where else for it to go. The “evolution” for me is back towards employment with consistency and teamwork.

Note: Of course, what I am offering is a bit abstract. Hopefully you are having better luck with a more concrete offer. Let me know what’s working. Comments are always open.

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