Your Next Ninja Move: Return Notifications on Your Email

Your Next Ninja Move: Return Notifications on Your Email



UPDATE: You send an important email to a client. They open it in the first two minutes. You are ready for their response. They don’t respond. They never respond. You know they opened the email, but you never got a response. Well, that’s a response right there. TAKE BACK YOUR EMAIL.


Remember the glory days of email. When everyone had an account and was on the same system. And there was this little preference of “notify me when this person opens my email.” Do you remember that far back? (grin)

Today I’ve been using Hubspot’s Signals for Gmail as an email notifier and I am reminded just how powerful this function is.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 7.28.44 AM

Let’s say you are in business negotiations. You send an email at 7:30am as an enthusiastic response to their message from the previous day.

Scenario 1: You wait. You have no idea if they’ve read your message, if they are ignoring you, or perhaps they are even travelling that day… Before Signals you had no way of knowing.

Scenario 2: Signals pings you back at 7:45 am that your potential client opened the email. Now you have two new pieces of information: 1. they are reading your proposal; 2. they get to work early.

The rest is still business as usual. Either they respond in a timely manner or they don’t. And while this doesn’t necessarily give you insight into their potential response, it does give you information about “message received” and “message opened.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 7.34.50 AM

When you install the Signals Chrome extension you will have a new SEND button that let’s you know you’re about to send a tracked email. You can toggle the tracking off.

Take this new restored tool in your email messaging and give Signals a shot. I know I’ve been amazed at the information and insights this one has given me. I’ll be a subscriber for a long time to come.

Try Hubspot’s Signals email tracking system.

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