Twitter Broke the ReTweet Awhile Ago, Making Lazy RT-ers of Us; Do It Yourself

the difference betweet Retweet and RTYou probably don’t remember this, but RT was not a invention. In fact, when Twitter added the Retweet button on the page they screwed the entire process up. Let me show you what the difference is between ReTweeting (or building your own RT) and using Twitter’s lame “retweet” function.

Here’s what the retweet funtion looks like on

Don't ReTweet using

And here’s what happens when you try and Retweet something, that perhaps you Retweeted a day or more ago. (Twitter doesn’t care, it’s ONE TIME and that’s it)

ReTweet this only once, cause Twitter says so

So, that’s not really a big deal. I mean how many times should you ReTweet a ReTweet? (More on that later)

Okay, so let’s look at a REAL retweet:

Even using is okay, but you must copy and paste the tweet to be retweeted into the tweet window yourself. And that might look like this:

Don't ReTweet using Twitters ReTweet function

Okay, so let’s look at making this tweet a REAL ReTweet and see what VALUE we can provide by editing and adding to this RT.

Custom-made retweets are the BEST

And here is the amazing thing that happens when you actually write the RT yourself. It actually shows up in your timeline as a TWEET. Go figure.

Saying THANK YOU for a ReTweet is just good business

If you simply “retweet” using Twitter’s lame link it doesn’t show up in your timeline. And it doesn’t show up in tracking tools as another tweet. (GRRRRR.)

There are a couple of reasons to ReTweet by doing it yourself.

  • You can say thank you.
  • The original person who RT’d you get’s the PING on Twitter.
  • You can modify the thanks to fit and add #hashtags if you’d like

And finally, it makes your RT show up in lovely tracking tools like Topsy:

Retweets by-hand show up in all the tracking tools

So using the ReTweet function on Twitter does a couple of things that you don’t want:

  • It’s like a forward of the message without any comment or input
  • It simply puts the tweet back up and does not attach your Twitter ID to the tweet in any way
  • Twitter then is able to regulate if you can or cannot tweet the ReTweet again
  • Twitter does not even put the RT into the tweet.
  • Saying THANK YOU for a RT is one of the best ways to show your gratitude. Everyone wants to be thanked.

So do yourself a favor and do your ReTWeeters the courtesy of saying thanks by doing it yourself.

Twitter keeps making changes to IMPROVE the user experience. Or perhaps they are trying to figure out how to “monetize” the user experience. Either way, they mess up, a lot. The RETWEET function within Twitter has made very lazy ReTweeters out of most of us.

Take the time to recraft a tweet. And then if someone actually take the time to RT YOUR POST, say THANK YOU, or THANKS, or TY. It’s just good twitter courtesy. And it’s good business.

Final note: Don’t forget to FAVORITE that RT as well. Anything to get more views, that’s the goal. And if someone RT’d you, the least you can do is give back some of the love.

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