Social Intelligence Report 2014: Revenue in Social Clicks?

Social Intelligence Report 2014: Revenue in Social Clicks?

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What’s the best social channel for your B2B campaigns? How do you reach the C-Suite executive who really makes the decisions on Facebook or Linkedin? Adobe has shared some insights that are more about the consumer (B2C) space, but we can extract some useful information about all of the web. And more importantly, we are reminded to maintain extreme focus on the R in ROI by these numbers. Are you focusing your programs on the right social channels to deliver results? Do you even know your top three goals? Let’s review the new numbers from Adobe’s 2014 Social Intelligence Report.

adobe's 2014 social intelligence report


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Adobe says a Twitter referral is worth $0.62. Twitter’s number showed a gain of $0.03 from Q1 2013, but still paled in comparison to that of Facebook, which drives $1.24 revenue per referral visitor, up from $1.12 this time last year. [Pinterest ($0.65), YouTube ($0.70) and even Tumblr ($0.70) also beat Twitter. The Christmas holiday showed marked increase for all channels but only Facebook performed year-round. But then, Facebook showed no growth in the value of their clicks.

Adobe summarises the key takeaways as:

  • Facebook’s year-over-year numbers: CTR is up 160% y-o-y, CPC is down 2%, and ad impressions are up 40%.
  • Linkedin refers the 2nd highest social traffic to B2B tech sites.
  • Fridays on Facebook seem to be hot with 25% of video playbacks and 15% of all post impressions happening at the end of the week.

It’s important in any marketing program to know where your sales are coming from. Social media is no different. There can be too much focus on things like “share of voice” and “brand building” in social media that doesn’t contribute to the bottom line. Will all the noise out there, you need to know your social efforts are building revenue, otherwise it’s just noise in the channel.

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Source:  Adobe’s 2014 Social Intelligence Report

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