The RIP Storm: Whitney Houston’s Death Shows the Agility of Social Networks

The Social Media RIP Storm over Whitney Houston“How would I know…” she sang. Sure she was a huge icon when I was in high school. She had a voice, beauty, poise, and then a way-messed-up boy friend. Sometimes the most beautiful are the least self-confident. In the end we will find out that Whitney Houston was killed by her own fame and loss of that fame. But what we learned this morning was TWITTER smoked the Main Stream Media by 27-minutes on breaking the Whitney Houston story.

I call it the RIP Storm: An artist dies (always a tragedy) and the social media announcement machine roars to life.

Even if the sentiment is nothing more than “RIP Whiney Houston.” It seems like everybody has to say their few tweets about it. Here’s why some of it is worth paying attention to.

27-minutes before the “press” got to it, Twitter was on the scene! That’s practically a day on the internet.

Okay, you say, “So what.”

Let’s look at a few of the posts that might give you a little respect for the RIP Storm.

So which ever side of the issue of artist tragedy and drug abuse you come up on, the power of the social networks is more evident this morning. And silencing the RIP Storm by filtering out “Whitney Houston” won’t do anything to stem the flood. But I don’t have to pay attention to it.

Blessings on Whitney and her family.

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