Seeking the Hit Post – and Repeating the Performance – Metrics and Analysis

Seeking the Hit Post – and Repeating the Performance – Metrics and Analysis

A little world blog, like this one, averages 50 to 100 unique viewers a day. When a hit post drives that number to 365 viewers in one day it’s a big deal. Repeat that success a few times a month and I’ll make it to another tier. Let’s look at this anomalous success and see what we can discover and repeat.

Examining and Repeating the Hit Post
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Let’s see what the day of Dec. 25th had going for it.

Christmas Day, lots of people bored and looking to the web for entertainment. My post was a hit on Reddit, a particularly techie audience. (Most of you, I’m guessing, haven’t even heard of Reddit, much less used it.) I think the WTF? in the title appealed to the geek. The topic “unsubscribe” and Guitar Center might have both been draws for the tech crowd of the group.

But looking at the average time spent on page, I was obviously too tame for the incoming audience. Perhaps they were looking for a more WFT/Image meme. And then my attrition was pretty high. 362 people entered on the Guitar Center post and only 24 continued on to another page.

It was a big day on

  • Reddit is the bomb if you have the right post
  • Understanding that audience, and catering to what they “might” be looking for
  • Use a “meme” or “catch phrase” in your title, but be prepared to deliver what was expected
  • Learn from your success and post post again.
  • Measure and repeat.

My 2012 analytic summary is coming soon, so stay tuned as we learn how to do this tech blogging/marketing thing better.

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