Online Collaborator’s Toolkit: The Sharing Tools You Need to Web It Up!

Online Collaborator’s Toolkit: The Sharing Tools You Need to Web It Up!

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 4.23.44 PMIn a meeting this morning I was putting plans in place to work with another social media advocate to build a new business plan. We instantly jumped to our sharing tools. I thought it would be helpful to list them here to provide others the benefit of our trial and error with many products and “platforms.”

  • Basecamp – the simplest online project management service available, calendars, email threading, task lists.
  • Dropbox – your virtual sharable storage folder, for passing and editing large files.
  • Google Docs – write the proposal in real-time, keep budgets coordinated, share without Office.
  • WordPress – the web development platform, not just for blogging, if WordPress can’t do it, you probably have an IT departement.
  • Delicious – share your bookmarks, leave a breadcrumb trail for your collegues, never google for a critical document again.
  • Evernote – note taking app that lives on all your electronic devices, can even be used to share notes with others or a team.

With these tools you can begin to weave together rally points both on the web and within things like business plans and even financial forms. To collaborate effectively you have to get the technology out of the way. These best-of-breed tools can eliminate a lot of the momentum killers.

We all need ways to do our work more effectively. If you come up with an essential tool I’m missing, please message me or leave your idea in the comments.

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  1. Passpack for password storage – you can share passwords as needed with other people.
    Evernote for storing ALL kinds of information – again, share as needed.  All the ways you can get information INTO evernote is mind boggling, truly.
    Toodledo for to-do lists – OMG all the things you can set on those – contexts, goals, folders, notebooks, tags, priorities, locations!  Again, share and assign as needed.
    Backpack – Also by the same folks that bring you Basecamp – we use Backpack as a knowledgebase.  If you learn something in a particular project that you might use in another project, this is where we store this information.  You can share particular pages so others can edit them.

    1. Ah, EVERNOTE, my new notepad and todo sharing system. Thanks. 

  2. At the risk of upsetting the apple cart here, my (very wonderful) data center (Rackspace) identified WordPress as a fairly big security issue. 🙂  The plug-ins aren’t always supported and can have security holes.  Permissions aren’t always set correctly on installations, and SEO isn’t ideal.  Just sayin’. 🙂

    Dropbox KICKS BUTT!

    And let’s not forget Spotify, music sharing while you’re working away.

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