Sh*t Social Media Strategists Say (the viral version)

You’ve seen the viral post. You’ve laughed your social head off. Here’s more, and more, and more.

Watch directly on YouTube: Sh*t Social Media Strategists Say


  • VinTank:these wines made me pee.” @James Jory
  • Forecast,I’m going to pee here later” – @John Refferd
  •, “Here’s a film-based photo of my pee” – via other web version
  • Yelp, “This was the best pee ever, five stars.
  • CitySearch, “Looking for a place to pee?
  • Siri, “I can help you pee. Just a second.
  • Google Maps, “The best place to pee within 5 miles” 
  • Rotten Tomatoes, “There was nothing but pee, pee, pee. It was awful.

From today’s Urban Dictionary:  Peehicular Manslaughter While using urinal and the piss splashes back at you or the guy standing next to you.

Thanks for making me viral. I’ll pay you back later.

Here’s my little poke at myself. Since the video does not provide a still, I have taken to rotating out to my Steve Jobs drawing. It kinda looks like me too. So there is the THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST in contemplation of this video. Hmmmm….

Steve Jobs as the Social Media Strategist that says Sh*t

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

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