Generating Leads from Your Best Content on (7-day social metrics)

Generating Leads from Your Best Content on (7-day social metrics)

Do you have a slideshare strategy?

Where do you go for Presentation Inspiration? Is there such thing as an inspiring PowerPoint slide show? Need an infographic or a data point for YOUR presentation? Chances are someone else, had already done a nice job of collecting the same data you need to gather. If you don’t know, let me introduce you.

Hm… Here’s a little metric they send me every Tuesday:

Ho does fit in your social media strategy?
click to view all 56 presentations

Nice huh?

Imagine almost 679 views in the past 7 days. Unfortunately these “views” rarely translate into site traffic, but I think’s a different proposition all together. I’ve refrained from buying a Slideshare PRO membership, where I can monetize or collect email addresses from this traffic. Hm… I need to go look at the cost fo that.

What would 1% of those views be worth if they were leads? 6+ leads a week. Priceless.

I would think about uploading some of your best presentations to Slideshare and see how an additional shareable platform can grow your digital footprint.

Keep It Social Out There!(tm)

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