The 6th Discipline of Social Media: Slideshare Builds Lasting Authority

The 6th Discipline of Social Media: Slideshare Builds Lasting Authority

If you are in business you build Powerpoint presentations. (decks) And if you are looking for inspiration or some of the latest data to be gathered and broadcast you’d better get on over to Beyond providing you with some amazing information, Slideshare can provide you with more readers and a broader audience. Put your content out there beyond the page and see where that takes you.

Here is a weekly activity report from Slideshare about my presentations.

How does fit in your social media strategy?
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679 new views (of my 56 presentations) during that week in January. While I have not been able to show any direct correlation between Slideshare activity (off-site) and traffic to (on-site) I know there is authority that comes from having a solid library of your thought leadership presentations beyond the edges of your own blog. If I need inspiration or a quick number to support a presentation I’m making, Slideshare is my first stop. It’s better than a broad Google search, because everyone is trying to distill the information into small, easy to understand, bullet points and charts.

Several years ago, a mentor once told me, “Thought leadership mostly about how you tell your story. You can give information to teach or brag.” And like most good social media measuring sticks, you can’t build a library of presentations over night. You have to work at it.

With Slideshare you get a bit of both. While the information is out there to teach, there is a bit of the humble bragging rights that comes from having a large follower count or a presentation with over 10,000 views.

Lead on, and share your leadership on Slideshare. I’ll be looking for it.

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