11 Snow Leopard Essentials: iStat Menus, Caffeine, Growl, Little Snitch

In the process of setting up my new mbp which came with Snow Leopard, I have cut down my add-on needs to the bare essentials. So here is my short list for setting up Mac Os X.

Essential system add-ons:

  1. iStat Menus (the uber-geek tool, can show you any and every stat about your mac’s real-time performance and temperature)
  2. Caffeine (keep your mac awake – won’t allow screen or drive to hibernate while it’s on)
  3. Growl (a great notification app that is used by many programs to give you system-level alerts)
  4. Little Snitch (a lot of apps phone home, but some do it without you knowing about it, and can slow down performance significantly if they are not disciplined)
  5. DropBox (virtual cloud storage and backup for sharing large files – can be set up as a sync system)

Essential Dashboard Widgets:

  1. Wikity Widget (a very nice multi-page wiki widget, where I keep passwords and various bits of info that would get lost elsewhere)
  2. BaldGeeks Countdown 3-2-1 (have to leave for a date in 15 minutes but can’t tear yourself away from Spore? Set the 3-2-1 countdown and it will go off to keep you on schedule)
  3. Countdown Calendar (where I track the days left until my next anniversary)

And Three Crital UBER apps:

  1. Parallels running WIN 7 and MS Office. (cause sometimes the MS Mac team gets it right and sometimes they don’t. In Entourage, they didn’t.)
  2. MS Office for Mac (cause ya gotta have it)
  3. Adobe CS4 (everything for the creative/technical heart)

That’s it for now. I will add others as I miss their presence on my new mac.

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