Creative Content: Simplifying My Passion For Social Media Marketing

Social media is a beast. And it is a goldmine. And as I’ve been working up some new social media strategy plans for various clients I am often amazed by the number of skills and experience required build and manage a successful engagement. So I worked up a 90-second intro to social marketing to articulate where my skills and experience are strongest in social media.

(here’s the WIFI version if you are connected and want to see the bigger version)

Social: Listening, responding, setting goals, measuring effectiveness and making adjustments to the plan as we learn what is resonating. (The strategy framework is pretty easy once you’ve done it, or if you Google Social Media Strategy there are a ton of outlines for your plan.)

Creative: The creative execution is the harder part. What new ideas can you bring to social media? How do you show those ideas? What’s the creative thread that weaves the various parts of your marketing plan (of which social media is only a part) together?

Content: Ideas, schedules, editing, writing, publishing. Understanding the various customer needs and speaking directly to the solution.

Those are the parts of “social” that I’m really good at. But there is so much more that you have to understand and plan out a social media process. Analytics. Brand monitoring. Social search. Listening dashboards. Search engine optimization. E-mail marketing. CMS systems. HTML/CSS methodologies. SMMS – social media management systems (Radian6, Spredfast, Sprout Social). No one can be an expert at all of them. Pick your strengths and learn about the rest at every opportunity.

It’s also critical to stay current on what’s working for other companies, what’s trending in social conversations, and so often what’s new and what’s next. Is your content ready for the tablet or mobile? How does your target customer prefer to engage with social media?

It is clear that being effective in social media means maintaining that creative curiosity and desire to learn and try new things. So spending time everyday reading, researching, writing, and pushing your own knowledge envelope is of critical importance. You also have be clear about your core strengths and not get too distracted by all the tools and trends clamoring for your social attention.

Three words that sum up my focus: Social, Creative, Content. The other skills and disciplines I research, practice, and learn about continuously.

How do you express your value proposition in all the parts of social media?

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