The Most Important Social Technology – Going Global w/ Google Hangouts

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If you haven’t hungout – you should get your ass to Google+ and try a Google+ Hangout. The opportunity to meet and communicate with others around the world. Free, in real-time, a group video chat.

Here what this morning’s coffee chat is looks like. Going Global w/ Google Hangouts

Google+ Hangout

The question just asked, by the gentleman in the main screen was about what it is like to be in a hangout with a Pakistani and an Indian at the same time. Does this kind of connection facilitate conversation, is there prejudice, racism, sexism?

The moment he asked the question, an Indian woman joined the Hangout. The gentleman with the beard is from Pakistan. WOW.

We (the people) don’t really know what we are doing with the hangouts, but we are doing it. We are connecting. We are conversing across political lines and racial barriers that don’t exist (for the most part) on the web.

Information is power. Connection and conversations are global. Open it up.

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Ben Pape is the craziest Hangout person I've ever seen.

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

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