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Defining the Social Graph

Your community is a set of concentric circles, beginning with your closest relationships and expanding out as far as your would like to reach. My friend Brian Massey, the Conversion Scientist calls it, “my social strata.”

social graph

Edited from a Wired PR Works post that is no longer available, here is the outline for a presentation on Enterprise and Commuity:

1. Discover who you are and how you relate to your community
Values + Communities = Core Business Values
* values: how to determine your core values
* communities: internal, external, vendors
* business values
Illuminating question: What types of communities do you belong to or resonate with?

2. Reveal how your community relates to you
Target x Questions = Answers + an active customer advisory board
* current target market
* interview questions
* evaluating answers
Illuminating question: Choose your top ten customers and interview them to find out how your business fits into their lives.

3. Listen to your customers tell your story
* common vocabulary
* case studies = successes
* open lines of communication
Illuminating question: Can you tell your story in your customer’s voice?

4. Connect your inner circle of communities
* who: customers, partners, vendors
* what: you do for them
* what: they do for you
Illuminating question: How do you fit together?

5. Cascading communications in tiers
* internal: inside
* external: outside
* online: on screens
* offline: direct
* in person: face to face

Illuminating question: The most effective communication plan delivers consistent messaging to every audience via sequencing to maintain a visible presence in each community.


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The Social Media Formula: People [multiplied by] Platform [divided by] each Individual’s ability to express themselves during the connection [minus] Misses or clash of style that degrades the communication.
The expression: P x P / I – M =  T
[trust ratio of a connection/community]

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