[This post was the start of my quest for a better web browsing and control system. And as of Jan 5, 2009 it has morphed into a new project called GWD or Getting Webwork Done.]

Exploring integrated web-environments

  • Language neutral – babelfish
  • Platform neutral – OS X, XP, Linux, Windows XP – Google Platform?
  • Application neutral – integrated content with MS and Adobe systems (Office/Acrobat)
  • Open source – all source maintained under CC rights
  • Secure – can maintain our financial transaction accounts for all of our systems
  • Persona driven – simple personalization, maliable skins, feeds and widgets

Developer paths:
mozilla labs
monitter (twitter traffic viewing)

Educational Paths:
FFoFF braintraining project

Philisophical Paths:
The cloud, the view, the app (a fable)

Artistic Paths:
music: pandora, last.fm, iLike, m-ego, bebo
visualizations: digg labs

Social Paths:
friendfeed, twitter, facebook, myspace
Global Social Media Conversations (FF room)
The View (FF study group and exploration into asynchronous collaboration

Connector Paths:
platforms:friendfeed, claimID, OpenID
people: bijoy, doc searls, jon l, guy k, bob p, brian m, tracy, rick, tim jones

Green Paths:
inventions: greenlight project
visualizations of green appliances and monitors
world changing
dell as change agent

permalink: http://bit.ly/GWD-uber-app

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