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“It’s not about what you say about your business, it’s what others are saying about your business.”

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Social Media Marketing - the Social Media Strategist Evolves
Social Media and Marketing Tips in Under Two Minutes
*All the videos are collected on the Social Media Strategies In-Less-Than-2-Minutes Playlist on YouTube.

NEW Social Marketing Strategies: Thinking Beyond the Page (VIDEO)
We create content as posts, news stories, press releases, but we often don’t think of the other ways we can socialize our creative ideas beyond the traditional web.

NEW How to Get Useful Business Information Out of Twitter: Hashtags for Social Media Research

NEW Bogus Posts Starting to Show Up in Social Marketing Channels – New Twitter Spam (VIDEO)

What’s Working Really Well in Social Media Marketing? (CHART)
What social marketing activities can move your bottom line in the positive direction? Here’s a recent poll from companies who are seeing social marketing success.

Social Network Marketing Tactics: Using LinkedIN Groups for Social Media (VIDEO)
In socializing your content there a several easy tactics you can use to make your efforts more successful. This video shows the quickest way to share your content. And shows my sharing tactic for LinkedIn Groups, and the most efficient way to get your content into the right channels.

YouTube Video Marketing with Social Media: Reporting 3 Weeks of Results
With YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine, it’s always recommended that you video to your social marketing efforts. So I set out to create several videos after that to highlight a social media or online marketing concept in “less-than-two-minutes.”

How Can a Social Media Strategist Help Your Business? (VIDEO)
How can a social media strategist address today’s challenges and keep your business focused on results rather than reaction.

Google Analytics for Online Marketing (VIDEO)
While Google Analytics is free and very comprehensive, sometimes we just need to understand the basics to make an impact on our business.

Social Business ROI, Lead Generation in 75-seconds (VIDEO) 
How to use social media to build business leads and generate ROI.

The 90-second Intro to Social Marketing (VIDEO)
A quick overview of the concepts of building a social media strategy and what content marketing means.

Social Creative Content – Simplifying The Social Media Message (VIDEO)
As I’ve been working up some new social media strategy plans for various clients I am often amazed by the number of skills and experience required build and manage a successful engagement. So I worked up a 90-second intro to social marketing to articulate where my skills and experience are strongest in social media.

How to Start a Google Hangout – Steve Jobs Hangs Out 
So what is a Google Hangout? How do you set it up? This short video will show you how easy it is.

The Social Sharing Golden Rule: “And What Excites You About That?”
Before you hit the “share,” “comment,” or “check-in” button, ask yourself, “And what excites you about that?” and try to add that extra tidbit of content on as part of the social share.

Hunting the CFO Online with Social Marketing (infographic)
Social media is a great way to engage and communicate with customers. But what if your potential customer is a c-level executive? Does social media make sense in trying to reach them with your online marketing message?

How Energized is Your Referral Network? “I’ve Got Someone for You.”
The only other phrase that is more powerful in business is, “How can I help.” And wouldn’t you know it, the “offshoring” connector said that phrase too. And he was not plumbing for business.

Let’s Talk About “Commerce” on Facebook, Not Impressions or Branding but SALES
And that’s why Facebook PERFORMANCE is so anemic. I mean sure, we get millions of impressions rather quickly, but the CTR (click through rate) tends to be in the 0.020% And that’s not just my advertising campaigns, that’s how it is reported by eMarketer for results in late 2010.

The Six Pillars of Online Reputation and Brand Management
Social Media might be a buzz word, but one thing it is not is a get rich quick scheme. Those trying to use it as such are quickly dropped, unfollowed and unfriended. So what makes up a good social profile?

Social Media is a Pool Party
Most people at the pool party are not interested in your life insurance pitch, they are there for the hotdogs.

The Liability of Ignorance: How, Where, and When To Join a Social Community
You will eventually create an online account on facebook or LinkedIN or Twitter. You will. And today might be a good day to get started.

The 8 Laws of PowerPoint Success in Marketing
There are a couple fundamental things to remember when doing your deck that I have learned while building, tweaking and presenting a couple hundred powerpoint decks.

16 Ideas to Define Your Social Media “Thought Leadership”
What is “thought leadership?” How does someone become a thought leader? One of my mentors told me, “It’s all about how you share the information. Are you sharing it to teach people, or to hear yourself?”

The 1-2-3 Guide to Twitter
1. Use Twitter Properly; 2. Auto is Bad; 3. Be Honest

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