“I have got to show immediate value and improved business results when working with a small business client. They can’t afford to test and play with social media in hopes that they will get results. My job is to set them up from the first session to feel confident in their site design and have some plans for developing their own content over the first few weeks.” — John McElhenney,


  • site design
  • content strategy and organization
  • search engine optimization
  • analytics installed on site to measure results
  • start a Facebook fan page
  • weekly content calendar to generate ideas and write posts

Here’s what the success for looks like in November:
Stats from

One 5-hour session with our client began a large growth in Skips site traffic and ultimately his business. This even during the slow honeymoon months of Oct/Nov. His average before the redesign was about 200 unique visits per month. After our optimization and redesign, Skip’s traffic is now between 900 and 600 unique visits per month.

BEFORE: Skip was using a free theme on his WordPress site. He had about 100 categories and no tags.

Optimizing a small business website - case study -

AFTER: We worked to define very specific sections of Skip’s site. We used another free WordPress template, but this one had better presentation of Skip’s amazing photos. We cut his categories down to seven, giving real meaning and organization to the structure of his site. We developed an SEO word matrix and a content development calendar and idea sheet. (1-on-1 consulting – 4hrs, 1 phone session)

Consulting on small business results - john mcelhenney

RESULTS: Skip’s traffic has tripled. He has created a Facebook Fan page with over 100 fans. He can watch his site traffic and get a good idea of what posts are attracting new customers.

Single Session Achievements: a design makeover, content organization, search engine optimization, content strategy, and social media plan.

happy customer, skip neal, of“The best part, aside from the new traffic and new business, is that John was so attuned to my business needs and what would make my travel/honeymoon segment more likely to come to my site. He was able to take my website and a folder full of photos and give me something I think represents my personality and my business.” — Skip Neal, owner & happy customer.




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  1. The question has been asked, “Can you attribute any specific sales to the website optimization?”

    A: Since Skip’s business does not have eCommerce, his business is all completed over the phone, the 1-to-1 site to sale equation is less concrete. But Skip asks his clients if they found him through the website all the time. He’s getting about 20% new business from the site and 80% from referrals and previous clients. EVERYBODY tells him they enjoy his new site and his weekly posts.

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