The Ultimate Social Media Plan/Guide/Resource: The Magical Mystical eBook

The Ultimate Social Media Plan/Guide/Resource: The Magical Mystical eBook

[An quickie is a streamlined takeaway from today’s best marketing sources]

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the eBook the marketing company was offering you really unlocked the secrets of social media marketing? I mean, think of all the money we’d save. I guess I’d quickly be out of a job, if the single ebook could really get things snapping for you. Of course, there’s one small problem. The company that is giving you the “how-to” guide wants your business in helping you to do what they recommend. I’m the same way. I want to give you a free consulting appointment. But what I really want is your business.

Still they keep coming. Every week I am presented with another one. And I dutifully download them and put in a bogus callback phone number. And they go in a special folder. And I NEVER READ THEM. Hmmm. Why is that?

Well, todays “definitive guide” got me thinking. And right here and now I’m going to crack open golden egg and give you the keys to the royal kingdom of social marketing. And you don’t have to download my ebook or sign up for anything. Let’s have a look inside. (The following is an overview/review of Marketo’s Definitive Guide to Social Marketing, the words are mine, the content is theirs.)

Page Nine: Developing a Plan

  1. Know who you are targeting
  2. Make sure you can measure the results
  3. Identify your goals and objectives

Sounds good, right?

Page Thirteen: Day In the Life of a Social Media Manager

  1. Posts (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
  2. Listen (Is anyone talking about you?)
  3. Promote (Boost your posts.)
  4. Find Influencers You Want to Influence (Who’s talking about what you want to talk about?)
  5. Blog (Wrap it up in a thought leadership piece that can be posted and promoted.)

Yep, that’s pretty much covered the tasks.

Page Sixteen: Get Your Content In Order

  1. Types of content: blog posts, white papers, slide decks, videos, cheatsheets, infographics, podcasts) [Um, is anyone listening to podcasts?]
  2. Content hierarchy from the bottom to the top: provide relevant information; teach something; start a conversation; inspire; entertain.

Page Nineteen: Content Marketing Tips

  1. Follow the badasses (Brogan, Godin, Gladwell) and learn what they write about. (I haven’t really read one of their pieces for years, but if you’re just getting started…)
  2. Get your LinkedIn house in order – it’s the hub of B2B these days
  3. Know your keywords and hashtags
  4. Test and evaluate what’s working

Page Twenty-Three: PEER TO PEER Sharing: Give People a Reason to Share

(This is the secret sauce, I’m excited, are you?)

The five motivators that get people to share your content:

  1. Reputation
  2. Access to something exclusive
  3. Co-creation
  4. Competition and winning
  5. Altruism

Page Twenty-Four: PEER TO PEER Types of Sharing

  • Refer a friend
  • Social sweepstakes and contests
  • Polls
  • Flash Deals

And the big tip on the next slide: Ask for the share.

Page Twenty-Eight: Channels and Tactics


  • Social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+)
  • YouTube
  • Presentation sharing (Slideshare)
  • Image sharing (Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • Q&A sites (Quora)
  • Influence tracking sites


  • Blogging
  • Commenting
  • Bookmarking
  • Podcasting (Does anyone listen to podcasts?)

Page Sixty-Five: The Social Marketing Tools

  • Listening tools (Radian 6, Spredfast, Hootsuite, Sprout Social)
  • Presence management (teams listening and updating various channels)
  • Publishing platforms (create and share with multiple channels)
  • Social campaign management and reporting

Page Seventy-Two: Social Marketing Measurement

  • Examine inbound traffic (referrals, search, links)
  • Review the quality of your content (did it generate the response you wanted?)
  • Share of voice (are you even being talked about, and what about your competition)
  • Understand the total size of your market and social opportunity
  • Sentiment (are people saying good or bad things about you?)
  • Influencer tracking (are you getting in the heads of the super influencers, can you create or inspire influencers?)
  • Return on Effort (can you find the R in all your effort and thus calculate the ROI for your social programs?)
  • Growth (How are your numbers growing?)
  • Engagement vs. Reach (Are people responding?)
  • Lead generation (Can you track successful leads back to their social media driver?)
  • Funnel acceleration (Can your team track action through the funnel and make sure hot leads are inspired and engaged?)

Wow. Okay, Marketo, you gave a lot in that one. If you could follow these steps, you WOULD be on your way to building a first-class social marketing organization. This is a very complete deck, so check it out for yourself, it’s worth the sign-up.

Now step back from the enthusiasm for a minute and tell me how much it’s going to cost and how many leads I can expect in the first 6 months? Your CEO is going to want to start there. And most of the time you won’t have a team, it will be YOU doing all these tasks. So you’ve got to find the maximum return for your efforts, and you’ve got to find it quickly.

Note: It will be interesting to see if my leads into Marketo’s funnel helps there team identify me as an influencer. If they are living by their own guide I should be hearing from them in the next week or so. Stay tuned.

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

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