Social Referral Stats Thus Far – 2013 – What’s Working, What’s Not

Social Referral Stats Thus Far – 2013 – What’s Working, What’s Not

Fresh Social Referral Stats for 2013
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So much of the frustration of social media marketing is the time spent actually doing mundane and repetitive tasks. And then not knowing exactly what’s working and what is not.

Above is my latest 30-day pull.

Two services are working exceptionally well.

  1. LinkedIn.
  2. Disqus Commenting System.

Two services are surprisingly shoddy on their “time on site” stats. How long someone stays on your site give some indication of if they actually READ the content. Chances are anything below a minute is really a BOUNCE. They hit the page, scanned the first sentence or bullet points (you do use bullets, right) and then moved on.

And finally in all the activities I carry out on a per-post basis, it is good to know the losers. Notice DIGG anywhere on the list? I’m not suggesting you don’t DIGG your content, but don’t expect any measurable result from that time spent.

StumbleUpon, Yahoo & Bing Organic searches, Twitterfeed (not sure exactly what this is vs. (the twitter link shortening abbreviation.) and

And two noticable changes.

  • Google Plus continues to grow in influence for me. A little less than half the referrals, but I have 1/10th the G+ followers.
  • And Reddit is killing it on another blog I’m working with. But here the time on site is very low.

What are your stats? What kinds of results are you seeing in your work? I’d love to hear and post your results/insights too.

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