The 10th Discipline of Social Media; Socializing Your Content Effectively

You’ve written a great post. You’ve posted it and tweeted it. What else can you do to get the word out, to engage your first-time visitors? Here’s the 10th discipline of social media, socializing your content effectively.

The 10th Discipline of Social Media, Socializing Your Content
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So even beyond having all the great social tools on you site, as seen in the slide above, it is critical that you begin to use the social networks as well.

Once you have completed the post, go through the process of clicking on each one of the social network types and adding your own entry for your post. Yes, it’s okay to Digg your own content.

Here’s are the top 10 referral networks leading to this blog over the last 30 days:

socializing your content with social networks

The only one I’m surprised by is the traffic. I pretty much hate the “daily” publications people are posting, as if they are creating content. But it’s part of the social network that sometime shows an impact on my traffic. And I can tell you the Twitter number is actually about 9X that number, Google only tracks Twitter links from

And here’s the most valuable socializing tip I can give you: Post your content to your LinkedIN Groups. (Don’t spam them, but one or two a week, as long as the content is related to the group.) My “time on site” and “pages per visit” stats are HUGE with LinkedIN.

So get out there are network your stuff. And here’s one last tid bit. Yesterday a single Tweet from a Twitter authority drove over 500 views to my site in less than an hour. That’s traffic I can’t pay for. But I can say thank you as many ways as possible. And you can bet I’m paying attention to that Twitter account. It was @tweetsmarter, and I’d suggest you get over there and check out what they’ve built. (My own social way of saying thank you.)

This just in, check out my latest social media in less than two minutes video on Socialization of Content.

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