Sometimes We Miss: Other Times We Are Like Birds on a Branch Together

This might just be one of those magical moments in time, when all things new are uber-new and all possibilities are uber-possibilities.

In this rainy week in ATX we’ve suffered near freezing temps, sleet, crappy apps, really slow internet access and even a cold to jolly things up a bit.

So what’s up with that?

The picture from Ira Tviga reminds me of the magic in the darkness and unknown. There is wonder and beauty in not knowing what is coming next. There is “beginner’s mind” inside the moment of frustration that causes us to finally lash out. There is power and momentum in our group, this little team of 14 that rocked the vault last night in Austin.

And still we have misses, runny noses, headaches, and sleepless nights. But it’s on the up-side of down. On the growth side of economic depression. On the good side of the fall. Or as the band I was end was called, the Felix Culpa, or happy accident.

All these things bring/brought/deliver us to this very moment in time where we say, “No.” Or where we shout “YES!” to the things we have been denying. Tonight is such a night. Tomorrow morning will be a Friday of great promise. And President’s day will provide a 3rd day of the weekend for us to play, frolic and make joy amongst ourselves and our friends.

Go forth. The miss you have been feeling is telling you something. Oh and if Valentines Day is Sunday, we are even doubly blessed to be so loved! We are!

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